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Recruitment of Assessment Body

Contents of this page:
Organizations Qualified to Apply
Administrative Steps
Disclosure after Certification, Inspection, Suggestions for Improvement, Withdrawing

Requirements for Apply

Trade associations and other organizations consisted of personal information managing private enterprises in Japan that must meet following requirements:

  1. Having enough system including full-time staffs for Screening/Assessment of PrivacyMark.
  2. Having outgoing expertise concerning the handling of personal information protection

For further information on requirements, please see "Rules for the Establishment and Operation of PrivacyMark System".

Certification Procedures

1. Preparing Application Documents (Applicant)

Application Documents are as follows:

  1. Application Document
  2. Certified register copy or excerpted copy
  3. Organization articles of incorporation Articles of the association
  4. Industry guidelines

Application Items

Provide the following information on the Application to the PrivacyMark Assessment Body.

  • Name
  • Representative
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Number of employees
  • Number of members
  • Documents on Personal information Protection security
  • Documents on in-house system for Screening/Assessment and Certification of PrivacyMark
  • Name and official position of full-time staff for the PrivacyMark operation
  • Name of unit of the full-time staff
  • Names of the organs and/or agencies concerned

2.Application (Applicant)

Trade associations and other organizations applying for Certification as Assessment Body should file Application Documents to the Certification Body (JIPDEC) directry or by post (bellow).

Applicants can either bring the documents to the contact window or send them by post.

PrivacyMark Office
Roppongi First Building 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032

3. Receipt and Assessment of Application Documents

1. Receipt (Document Screening)
Application Documents will implemented Document Screening and managed in order. Hereafter, the code of the Assessment Body will be assigned in the order.
2. Screening
Document Screening of the Application Documents will be implemented based on "Criteria for PrivacyMark Assessment Body".
In addition to above mentioned basic requirements, screenings on status quo of its industry guideline and/or rules and system for guidance and support for members will be also implemented.
Should queries arise during the screening, applicants are to be inquired hearings and/or other documents.

4. Decision and Notification

Decision and notification of the Screenings is to be made based on discussions at the PrivacyMark System Committee.

Once a decision is made, JIPDEC shall deliver a "Notice of Certification Certificatio" to the applicant.

It will take a month from the Application to the Notice.

5. Disclosure of New Assessment Body

JIPDEC shall publically disclose the result at its web-site promptly.

Report, Fact-finding Study, Recommendation or Request and Cancellation of Certification

1. Report

Certification Body (JIPDEC) could periodically or if necessary request Assessment Body of status quo of Application & Screening/Assessment and supports for its members including making of PMSs.

2. Fact-finding Study

If necessary, Certification Body (JIPDEC) could implement Fact-finding Study concerning operation of PrivacyMark System to Assessment Body.

3. Recommendation or Request and Cancellation of Certification

Based on reports and results of Fact-finding Study, Certification Body (JIPDEC) could recommend or request improvement to Assessment Body.

Certification Body (JIPDEC) could cancel the Certification after discussion at PrivacyMark System Committee, if Body would not comply with the Recommendation or Request without good reason.