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Unit: Japanese Yen (including consumption tax)
Category New Application Renewal
Scale Small Medium Large Small Medium Large
Application Fee 51,429 51,429 51,429 51,429 51,429 51,429
Screening/Assessment Fee 205,715 462,857 977,142 123,428 308,572 668,571
PrivacyMark Use Fee 51,429 102,858 205,715 51,429 102,858 205,715
Total 308,573 617,144 1,234,286 226,286 462,859 925,715
(Enacted April 1, 2014)

Application Fee

Application Fee must be paid when Application is filed regardless of final Certification. The Applicant must pay the fee as billed by the PrivacyMark Office. Document Screening and On-site Assessment initiatives is to be started once payment is confirmed. Documents cannot be returned even if an Application cannot be accepted for Assessment after the Initial Application Document Screening.

Screening/Assessment Fee

Screening/Assessment Fee must be paid regardless final Certification. The Fee include Initial Application Document Screening, Document Screening, making of Report and On-site Assessment etc.

The Applicant is also be billed for transportation and accommodation expense associated with On-site Assessment based on the rules of JIPDEC and/or Assessment Body.

PrivacyMark Use Fee

After Notice of Certification, please pay PrivacyMark Use Fee in a lump sum for effective period (two years).