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6. Changes in Reporting Matters

Changes in Reporting Matters

If any important change occurs in the matters reported in the Application Documents, the private enterprise shall promptly report the change to the Certification Body (JIPDEC).

Changes should be reported to the Certification Body, i.e. JIPDEC (address showed below) on prescribe Form with official company seal.

Certificated and certified private enterprises through Assessment Bodies should report changes to your Assessment Body base on its instructions.

Changes to be Reported:

  1. Name of certified private enterprise
  2. Headquarters address
  3. Representative
  4. Personal information security manager
  5. Contact person at the consumer support center for personal information security
  6. Contact person for the PrivacyMark application
  7. Contact information of contact person (work location, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.)

For 1-3 , attach and file a Certification Certificate.

Form: Report for Changes in Reporting Matter