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Started in 1998, the PrivacyMark® System marked its 15th anniversary in April 2013. Over this period, the accumulated number of PrivacyMark entities has reached over 17,000, and it has earned widespread trust and support as a third-party certification system for the protection of personal information in Japan.

As a recent trend in personal information protection, on the domestic side, the awareness of privacy and personal information protection is on the rise, due to developments such as the promulgation of the Social Security and Tax Number System (Act on the use of numbers to identify specific individuals in administrative procedures) on May 31,2013, utilization of personal data which is anticipated as a driver of new businesses, and active discussions regarding Big Data. In other countries as well, there is a worldwide movement towards developing laws and rules regarding personal data protection, such as the proposal of General Data Protection Regulation in the EU, revision of the OECD Privacy Guidelines, The Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights in the US, and the CBPR (Cross-Border Privacy Rules) System in APEC.

In this context, in support of the "Data Privacy Day" which is honored abroad, JIPDEC held the "JIPDEC PrivacyMark Forum 2014".

The forum showcased the latest trends in personal information protection in Japan and abroad, as well as case studies on personal information management systems taken by PrivacyMark entities. An awards ceremony was also held, where appreciation awards were presented for expressing our gratitude to PrivacyMark entities who have been PrivacyMark entities for over 14 years.

February 28, 2014

Data Privacy Day Reference:
"Data Privacy Day" is celebrated annually on January 28 in the United States, Canada, and European countries to raise awareness and empower people to protect their privacy and personal data. In Europe, it is also called Data Protection Day.


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January 28, 2014 (Tuesday) 10:00 AM to 4:55 PM
Tokyo International Forum Hall B7
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PrivacyMark entities
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Opening Remarks:

Tsutomu Makino, President, JIPDEC

In Celebration of Data Privacy Day

Mr. Michael Kaiser
Executive Director, National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA)
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Keynote 1:

"Toward the Development of Japan's Personal Information Protection System"
-The Role of the Specific Personal Information Protection Commission and the Roadmap for the Revision of Personal Data Usage System

Masao Horibe, LL.D.
Chairman, Specific Personal Information Protection Commission

Keynote 2:

"New International Developments in Personal Information Protection Systems"

Fumio Shimpo, Ph.D. in Law
Professor, Department of Policy Management, Keio University

PrivacyMark System Contributor Awards

Panel Discussion:

"The New Age of Personal Data Protection and Usage"

Dr. Shizuo Fujiwara
Professor, Dean, Chuo Law School, Chuo University
Summary of Keynote 2, and Suggestions of Discussion
Fumio Shimpo, Ph.D. in Law
Professor, Department of Policy Management, Keio University

"Developing a Personal Information Usage Environment Toward the Creation of a New IT Integrated Industry"
Kiyoshi Sawaki, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Information Economy Division
Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

"Personal Information Governance from a Business Point of View"
Dr. Makoto Yokozawa
Senior Researcher, Advanced Information Technology Division, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

"Hitachi’s Big Data Business and Privacy Protection Initiatives"
Mr. Atsushi Tanaka
General Manager, Planning & Business Development Division, Strategy Planning & Development Office, Hitachi,Ltd., Information and Telecommunication Systems Company

Case Studies of PrivacyMark entities (Two Companies)

Case Study 1:

"Personal Information Protection Management System Initiatives – The Agony of Mr. K, Personal Information Protection Administrator"
Mr. Toshitaka Kishi
General Manager Internal Audits PIPED BITS Co., Ltd.

Case Study 2:

"Personal Information Protection Initiatives at en-Japan inc."
Mr. Yasumasa Takahashi
General Manager, General Affairs, Controller Division, en -japan inc.
Mr. Hiroki Ishimoto
General Affairs, Controller Division, en-japan inc.

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