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This year marks the 17th year of the PrivacyMark System®. Since its establishment in1998, the accumulated number of PrivacyMark® entities has reached over 18,000. That shows widespread trust and support as a third-party certification system for the protection of personal information in Japan.

10 years will have passed since the full enforcement of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information in 2005. The Government is currently preparing a revision bill to be proposed to the ordinary session of the 2015 Diet to develop legislation to enhance the utilization of personal data which is anticipated to be the key to the creation of new industries and services, while enhancing protection of personal information.
In addition, with the implementation of the Social Security and Tax Number System based on the Number System Act(the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure) in January 2016, the awareness of protecting personal information and privacy is heightening, because strict control of information will be required for central and local governments, as well as any enterprise which handles “individual number”s in the course of business.
Development of rules and legislation for the protection of personal information and privacy is also progressing around the world, such as in the EU, OECD, US and APEC.
In this context, in support of the “Data Privacy Day” which promotes the protection of personal information and privacy, JIPDEC held the “JIPDEC PrivacyMark Forum 2015” on January 28 and February 3, successfully gathering 1,310 participants.

March 2, 2015

Data Privacy Day <Reference>“Data Privacy Day”
Honored on January 28 in the US, Canada, and Europe as a means to raise awareness and discussion regarding the protection of data, privacy and personal information. Also called “Data Protection Day” in Europe.


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    January 28, 2015 (Wed): Tokyo International Forum, Hall B7
    February 3, 2015 (Tues): Grand Cube Osaka, Event Hall
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 Tsutomu Makino, President, JIPDEC

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In Celebration Of “DATA PRIVACY DAY”


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 Mr. David Hoffman

 Director of Security Policy

 and Global Privacy Officer,Intel

Honorary Guest Address

 National Strategy office of Information and

 Communications Technology,

 Cabinet Secretariat

Keynote Address

 “Personal Information Protection

 Trends in Japan and Abroad, and

 Challenges for Japanese Companies”

 Mr. Yusuke Koizumi

 Senior Fellow,

 Information Society Research Department

 Institute for International Socio-Economic Studies

PrivacyMark System Contributor Awards

 “METI’s Promotional Initiatives in

 the Protection and Utilization of

 Personal Information”

 Information Economy Division

 Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

 “The Role of Enterprises in My Number

 System– Proper Handling and Legal


 Masao Horibe,LL.D


 Specific Personal Information Protection Commission

 “PrivacyMark System Future



 Case Study of PrivacyMark entities (1)

 Mr. Hiroshi Hosokawa

 Toppan Forms Services Co., Ltd

 Case Study of PrivacyMark entities (2)

 Mr. Kyoji Otsuka

 Mr. Atsushi Sekine

 Marubeni Information Systems Co, Ltd

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