Implementation Structure

PrivacyMark System is administered by the following organizations.

  • PrivacyMark Granting Body / Organization to grant the use of PrivacyMark (JIPDEC)
  • PrivacyMark Assessment Body

The Granting Body / The Organization to grant the use of PrivacyMark

The Granting Body conducted by JIPDEC plays an important part in appropriate management of the System such as designation of Assessment Body, assessment of business entities to grant the use of "PrivacyMark", handling of inquiries and complaints from consumers regarding protection of personal information and so on.

PrivacyMark System Committee

The committee is composed of scholars, specialists, representatives from business associations and consumers and legal professionals to review the matters listed below.

  • Establishment and revision of standards and regulations to operate PrivacyMark System
  • Designating and revoking of Assessment Body
  • Revoking of the grant of use of PrivacyMark

Consumer Consultation Services

JIPDEC provides consumers with the Consultation Services to handle inquiries and complaints of consumers regarding their personal information processed by PrivacyMark granted entities. In addition, where appropriate, it proposes recurrence prevention measures to PrivacyMark System Committee.

Assessment Body

Assessment Body*1 plays a part in PrivacyMark assessment activities from reception of applications to reporting the results of assessment to PrivacyMark Granting Body. It is designated by JIPDEC with approval of PrivacyMark System Committee.

*1 The qualification requirement
Assessment Bodies should be industrial associations and other organizations with relevant knowledge in personal information protection and ability to implement PrivacyMark assessment. (Limited to non-profit organizations and trade associations established by Japanese law and/or others non-profit organizations admitted by the JIPDEC.) [See Guidelines for the Establishment and Operation of the PrivacyMark System(Only in Japanese)]


PrivacyMark Promotion Center

Roppongi First Building 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032

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